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Sentab Civil Engineering is one of the largest independent construction and engineering companies involved in small hydro Power development of Sri Lanka. We are into designing, constructing, consultancy and maintenance of the natural environment for the betterment of the people. Sentab made itself strong and well-established by providing mini hydro power construction and consulting services in Sri Lanka.

Established more than a decade ago, this multi-disciplinary company has a proven track record for quality project delivery on time and within budget such as Denawake River, Koladeniya, Madugeta, Falcon Valley, Upper Waltrim and etc..

The Sentab team have an ability to build cohesive working units and highly valued skilled. Managers, supervisors, and employees seek to instill a cooperative spirit within team members as well as an understanding and appreciation of the roles. Physically they practices for solving problems with the limited resources.

Sentab, is committed to safe, timeous, high quality, innovative and cost effective construction. We actively commit to the principles of sustainability through the implementation of good corporate governance and safety, health and environmental best practice on all our projects.

The prominent members of Sentab Civil Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. Board of Directors are highly esteemed industry veterans who have led the way in shaping the iconic skylines of Sri Lanka. Their collective experience, knowledge, vision and wisdom steer the company towards success and distinction. They are committed to maximizing shareholder value, delivering powerful results and longevity. The board continues to set and achieve higher goals for Sentab Civil Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.


To be recognized and to become pioneer in Industry. A preferred choice in terms of efficiency, value for money and timeliness in the Civil Engineering and Construction Industry.


To plan, design and build quality and value for money as our hallmark with Hydro power and Secondary power solutions. Coming up with International brands with customer satisfaction.


Begins the journey as a partnership


Incorporated as "Sentab Civil Engineering (Pvt) Ltd"


Barcaple Mini Hydro Power


Denawaka Mini Hydro Power


Koladeniya Mini Hydro Power


Madugeta Mini Hydro Power


Wewelwatte Mini Hydro Power


Sentab International (Pvt) Ltd was initiated


Loggal oya Mini Hydro Power



Started first mini hydro power project at Rathganga


Amanawala Mini Hydro Power


Adavikanda Mini Hydro Power


KDU Mini Hydro Power


Falcon Valley Mini Hydro Power


Dunsinane Mini Hydro Power


Incorporated Sentab Trading (pvt) ltd


Demodara Mini Hydro Power


Beramanna Mini Hydro Power


Mr. M.W.V. Suranga- BSc(Eng), AMIE(SL)
Managing Director
Mr. K.P.A. Priyanjith-(NDES)
Ms. Arundathie Wickramasinghe – ACMA, CGMA, BSc (Business Admin)

Sentab Civil Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

Sentab Civil Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is committed to delivering excellence in quality, affordability and corporate governance.

Sentab Trading (Pvt) Ltd

The dilemmas in sourcing reliable welding equipment and consumables for the hydropower projects handled by Sentab Civil Engineering motivated the founders to look at few alternatives and took the challenge being Sentab as the Gini pig itself. Eventually it was the dawn of introducing Tubular IGBT, light, portable and economical single-phase DC ARC welding machine to the Sri Lankan welding industry.

As soon as realized the productivity enhancement of welding and fabrication works of our penstock installation processes at small hydropower projects by using this welder, Sentab introduced RILING portable welding machine to the market in 2014 incorporating its trading arm Sentab Trading (Pvt) Ltd. Sentab took another step forward by introducing RILAND in 2018 as its Flagship brand against the trend towards cheaper and fake products introduced by quick money hunters. The BRIDGE welding consumables introduced in parallel to the RILAND in the same year.

ARC welding is the most popular and common welding for generations in Sri Lanka, Sentab has done pivotal role in generalizing MIG/MAG welding by emphasizing welders and entrepreneurs. Introducing portable and single-phase MIG/MAG welding machines with compatible welding wires at affordable cost makes most of rural industries’ dreams reality.  Heavy-duty portable GMAW(MIG/MAG) machines available with Sentab saves labour and time for repairing of heavy construction machineries, ship repairs and maintenance of cement factories and cause them less shut down period.

Being the pioneer in using Plasma cutting in Penstock installation works of small hydropower projects saving money and time on transporting industrial gases, Sentab is proud to witness more and more penstock contractors follow us to get rid of huge burden of long haul from gas dealers to remote sites.

Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG) is widely used in stainless steel applications, Aluminium welding, and industrial pressure lines where our products both welding plants and consumables are great choice of professional engineers.

Always being a reliable solution provider to our customers, we are sharing our professional knowledge by utilizing social media platforms, especially welding lessons by Sinhala language on dedicated YouTube channel. The innovative attempt, which Sentab made to the Sri Lankan welding industry is a mile stone of the journey to become the first choice of welding solution provider in Sri Lankan welding industry.




Sentab International (Pvt) Ltd

Sentab International (Pvt) Ltd was initiated in 2015 after just over a decade of operations in the local market. This is testament to the dedication put into the company and great vision shared by the entrepreneurs to expand across borders into the global market in such a short time in one of the most competitive industries.

Primary Objectives:

  • Undertake small hydropower projects on EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) basis
    • Handling Lower Kokawita SHPP(1.9MW)- Approval Stage
  •  Sourcing & Supplying Hydropower Machineries with customized and economical solutions
    • Beramana SHPP (Kothmale) – 2.8MW- Will undertake Hydro Machinery Supply from China with best project configuration 
    • Rwimi SHPP (Uganda) – 6.0MW- Supplied Butterfly Valve and SSAW penstock Pipes
    • Ishasha SHPP (Uganda) -8.0MW- Supplied Gate valve for existing Valve replacement
  • Stepping to other renewable power projects

Sentab Homes (Pvt) Ltd

A spacious modern luxury house as you dreamt