Civil Engineering

Sentab Civil Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is committed to delivering excellence in quality, affordability and corporate governance. Our dedicated workforce of 60 employees, ensure we strive to strategically complete complex projects by providing viable solutions, in the field of Mini Hydro Power in Sri Lanka. We believe that penetrating international markets is instrumental to the growth of our company, and our existing operations serve both Sri Lankan and East African markets.


Our strategies aim to sustain our core business, expand existing Mini Hydro Power constructions, develop our operations in desired locations and lead the identification and management of risks.



To offer products of superior quality and affordability.


To be the market leader in consumer choice.

Batatota Small Hydro Power Project

Batatota Small Hydro Power Project

Amanawala Small Hydro Power Project

The project consisted of Penstock Installation and Penstock Civil Work

Barcaple Small Hydro Power Project

The project comprises the construction of Power House and penstock civil work