Beramana Small Hydro Power Project

The project is at Beramana in Kothmale Divisional Secretarial Area
Gross Head
Design Flow
7 Cumecs
Length Of the Channel
Length of the Penstock
Kothmala Oya
Scope of Work
Civil Work
Project Duration
24 months
Beramana Hydro Power Project (Pvt) Ltd

The project is at Beramana in Kothmale Divisional Secretarial Area, Nuwara Eliya district. The project utilizes the hydro –potential energy of Kothmala Oya.

The Weir built across Kothmale oya is 56m long and 2.8m high incorporated two flush gates and uninterrupted opening for minimum environmental flow. The intake equipped with coarse Trash Rack and intake gate for maintenance purposes.

Construction of the Head Race Channel having 1800m length is in critical path since only two access available at two ends. The headrace channel runs along left bank of the river consists of several aquaducts and dimensions were 3.2m*1.8m.

The forebay Tank follows desilting tank at the end of head race channel and 40m long both together. The steel penstock, 100m long, originates from forebay consists of two bifurcations and meets three turbines located at power house. The spillway stretches to river right down the desilting tank.


The power house will be a single-story block where three units of Francis turbines of Chinese origin coupled to synchronous generators will be accommodated inside. The turbines and the generators and associated hydraulic units will be placed in the ground floor and the low voltage cubicle will be accommodated at an elevated level to protect them from flooding.