Upper Waltrim

Upper –Waltrim Mini Hydro Power Project which is developed by Sunshine Power (Pvt) Ltd
2.4 MW
Upper Waltrim Hydropower (Pvt) Ltd- Subsidiary of Sunshine Holdings PLC
Lindula – Thalawakele
Kothmale Oya
Scope of work
LOT 2 ( Channel 400m, Forebay, Penstock 420m, Power House, Access roads)
Date of Award of Contract
Date of Completion as per agreement
Design Head
Design Flow
8.5 cumecs

Upper –Waltrim Mini Hydro Power Project which is developed by Sunshine Power (Pvt) Ltd in Lindula at Nuwaraeliya as a 14 months civil engineering project.This run of the river small hydro power project was designed to generate 2.4MW having gross head of 39m and river flow of Kothmale oya. Sentab scope confined to LOT 2 of civil works which included 400m long head race channel, Desilting and Forebay Tank, Spill way, Penstock civil works, Power House and Power House Access road.

Sentab first identified the critical path of the project and initiated the work from penstock civil work as it should be ready for penstock installation without any delay. Then Forebay Tank and Desilting Tank were given priority and Power House next. Power House access road was done prior to Power house construction and given top priority for its quality as it facilitated both power house and villagers. Construction of the Head Race Channel done simultaneously with other works and completed together with Power house. The least priority given to spillway as it was having much shorter length.