Sentab International (Pvt) Ltd was initiated in 2015 after just over a decade of operations in the local market. This is testament to the dedication put into the company and great vision shared by the entrepreneurs to expand across borders into the global market in such a short time in one of the most competitive industries.

Primary Objectives:

  • Undertake small hydropower projects on EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) basis
    • Handling Lower Kokawita SHPP(1.9MW)- Approval Stage
  •  Sourcing & Supplying Hydropower Machineries with customized and economical solutions
    • Beramana SHPP (Kothmale) – 2.8MW- Will undertake Hydro Machinery Supply from China with best project configuration
    • Rwimi SHPP (Uganda) – 6.0MW- Supplied Butterfly Valve and SSAW penstock Pipes
    • Ishasha SHPP (Uganda) -8.0MW- Supplied Gate valve for existing Valve replacement
  • Stepping to other renewable power projects

Rwimi SHPP- Uganda

Rwimi is a 5,5 MW hydropower project in Western Uganda.

Lower kokawita

Lower kokawita

Ishasha SHPP -Uganda

Gate valve